Mulege Auction

March 12th, 9a  Donated items to be auctioned off to benefit. if you have any items you no longer need, contact our delegado Arcadio Mayoral to donate them. They’ll go to auction to fund raise for local and necessary projects

This Sunday at 09:00 AM we start with the auction
First auction cut 9:30 am
Second cut for auction 10:00 am
Third auction cut off 10:30 AM
Last cut @ 11am
The auction is that you offer a higher price, who gives more!!!
I’ll be silent, you’ll be offering a higher price for the initial.
You will put your name and bid on a sheet that will be at the front of each item..
Come in early !!!


The event is finished.


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2 Comments to “Mulege Auction”

  1. Cindy Holcomb says:

    Where is the event held at and where

    1. ssichler says:

      Updated. Plaza Corona this Sunday at 9a.

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