Mulegé area Hikes

Mulege sign hike.
This hike starts near the Mulege sign and climbs above the town with excellent views of the sea and valley. The trail starts about here (Google Map link) There are several forks at the top but head south for a longer hike.

View looking out to sea.
Town and valley views
Climbing south up the hill.

Punta Prieta

It’s a little tricky finding this one through the Loma Azul neighborhood. Look at the above Google Map to see the route. Makes a fun bike ride out here too. It’s possible to go along the rocky beach heading north for quite a ways.

The Good Heart Trail – Posada Concepcion

Great views of the bay. The trailhead starts here.

Hike from Playa el Burro

This one is steep with some great views. The trail starts here and zig zags up the hill.

View from the top looking North.

Burro Cove Hike

A short but sweet hike that follows some of the old road around the bluff separating Burro from Coyote.


The trails here can be accessed from the south end of the beach or from Hwy 1. Great views of the bay. A longer hike down the next cove and beyond is possible.

Punta Sueños

This appropriately named hike has dreamy panoramic views of Bahia Concepcion. The trail climbs above the Punta Sueños development and is well maintained with rock markers.

Looking out to the northern edge of the bay.
Looking south.
Well marked trail.