Want to give back to Mulege? Find out what are local organizations are doing to make a difference. Get involved through donations and volunteer opportunities.

Los Amigos de Los Niños, Inc of Mulegé

  • The group targets underserved students from the outlying Mulege area and ranches.
  • Some of the ranches are so remote the students live in a government-provided boarding facility and attend public school Monday – Friday.
  • They are supporting 73 students attending high school (CECyT) and college/university.
  • A donation of as little as $75 pays for a semester of high school, $150 for a year of high school, and $600 for a year of college.

With the pandemic, LADLN was limited in hosting their fundraiser events, missing out on a major source of funding. Please like them on Facebook where we will highlight some amazing students and visit the new website where you can get more details and donate via a variety of methods including PayPal.

Mulegé Rotary

The Mulegé Rotary club began in 1972 and has been an important provider of services to the Heroica Mulegé community ever since.

We are a bi-lingual club with a mixture of full-time foreign expatriates, part-time seasonal residents from the US and Canada, and local Mexican people.

The club meets weekly from mid November through May. Meeting information is available on our contact page.

Mulegé Rotary operates a seasonal health clinic, provides critical funding for the local Bomberos (fire department), and sponsors and supports other community projects.

Rotarians and other concerned community members began a food drive administered by the Atención Ciudadana office. Monetary donations to the food drive can be made online through through Paypal on their website, or contact them to make alternative donation arrangements. Donations of non-perishable food, clothing and basic hygiene supplies can be made directly to the Atención Ciudadana office located within the Delegación offices in town (Google Maps Link).

Find out more on their Facebook page and website.

PAW Animal Clinic

The clinic provides a low-cost spay and neuter program for dogs and cats as well as vaccinations and limited basic services to treat existing health problems. The clinic is run entirely by volunteer veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and trained support staff, and supported solely by donations.
In the past, the clinic has reached out to other communities in the region, offering occasional weekend clinics in these outlying and underserved areas.
Vets visiting the area have also volunteered at the clinic as part of their vacation stay.

More info on their Facebook page and website.

MAR Mulegé Animal Rescue 

A small team of dedicated dog lovers who have been involved in rescue work for many years: Pam Taylor, Gabriella & Andrew Morrison, and Hector Loreto.

Working to reduce the number of suffering/unwanted dogs in Heroica Mulegé through a four pointed approach: Sterilization, Care/Rescue, Adoption, and Education.
They collaborate with the people and organizations of Mulegé already working tirelessly to reduce the numbers of abandoned/suffering dogs.

You can read more about MAR (and donate) here. More info on their Facebook page.

Casa Hogar “El Altisimo” A.C.
(Mercy Mission Orphanage)

A private non-profit helping at-risk children in the community of Mulegé and the surrounding area.

Find out more on their Facebook page and website.