Beach Report

Beach Report

We went out to Bahía Concepción today for a little paddling and relaxing on the beach. The weather was almost perfect in the high 70’s and the water felt warm still. Good news if you are looking for someplace to social distance. Spring break it was not. Hardly any campers and RVs were seen.

12/29/20 Update – A few more campers but still lots of space.

Playa Santispac

Playa Santispac was decidedly not packed.

Playa Los Cocos

Judging from the Canadian flags spotted in years past, Cocos is popular with the peeps from up way North. With the border closure it’s empty.


Looking down to Burro from a favorite hike up the side of the hill. Find out about this hike and more on our hiking page.


Coyote on 12/7/19 was almost as deserted. You could snag one of those postcard-perfect sites with the palm tree.

Update 2/1/21 – We camped three nights at the beach and it was a little more crowded but still nothing like previous years.

This is a picture from my paddle out to Coyote Island. We stopped for tacos at JC’s and were the only customers. If you want to go to the beach in the above picture JC’s also does boat tours.

Playa Requeson

Our last stop was out to Requeson where the seagulls outnumbered the people.

So that’s the scoop. Let me know if you any questions. For more info on the bay, check out our Things To Do section. It’s getting to be a little out of date but we still refer to The Camping Mexico’s Baja book. The website and app iOverlander is a great resource for camping spots and more. For Mexican auto and RV insurance, we use and recommend Baja Bound.

2 Comments to “Beach Report”

  1. John Porter says:

    Sending best wishes to all the folks missing the sun this winter. We will we enjoying a Canadian winter this year instead of relaxing on Playa Escondida. Hope everyone is safe and comfortable. All the best,
    Jean and John

    1. Hollie Digges says:

      Thanks so much it’s nice to have updates!It’s getting there!

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