Our Organic Valley

Our Organic Valley

Did you know the valley west of Mulege is all organic? It’s not well-publicized, but if you venture out onto the dirt roads of the valley, you can find fresh organic produce, organic eggs, goat cheese, and even an organic winery.


Alejandro’s farm out by the Hacienda de La Habana RV Park is a favorite stop for some of the best and freshest produce we have had. Often if you ask for something they will go out to the field with a machete and get it for you. Prices are a fraction of what you pay back home.

Eggs and More

Casa Hogar “El Altisimo” A.C. provides a home for at-risk children in Mulege and they have started a farm next door to us. We contacted Laura Sánchez Romero to buy some of their fresh organic eggs and she gave us a tour of their growing farm. They have quite the menagerie of chickens, cows, a friendly little burro, pigs, piglets, and baby goats! She sells a carton of 30 eggs for 100 pesos. We also dropped off a donation of food staples. You can contact them on Facebook.

Vinedo Heroica Mulege

Although it’s not officially open, we are excited to have a winery in Mulege. Vinedo Heroica Mulege makes organic wine and also has an AirBnB.

4 Comments to “Our Organic Valley”

  1. Ken Holsworth says:

    Where is the Habana RV park located?

    1. ssichler says:

      Click on the name and it will open in Google Maps

  2. Perry says:


    cant seem to find a location indication for the Casa Hogar mission. Like to get eggs there soon.


    1. ssichler says:

      Hi Perry – You can contact them on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/casahogarelaltisimo

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