Baja Like Nowhere Else

Baja Like Nowhere Else

By Josiah Roe – (the gringo with the green van)

Everyone has that moment on their first trip into the “real” Baja: that joyous intersection of not-Cabo and/or not-Tijuana with a vista so expansive and otherworldly and breathtaking you have to pull over; your heart as big as your eyes and your smile.

For many, that moment is the turnoff just south of Puertocitos with the islands and Gonzaga Bay in the distance. For others, it is when the 1 drops into Cataviña and its towering Boojum and Cardõn and rock formations. For me, it will always be Mulegé and just-past-Mulegé: that incomparable union of the perfectly imperfect village with the impossibly grand vista overlooking Bahía Concepción and Playa Santispac.

How can I describe what it is like to watch Franz pilot his Drascombe around the Bay at sunrise, or the feeling of sharing news and laughs with Francisco and his family over dangerously-strong margaritas at Las Casitas, and then dancing with friends old and new till sunrise on New Years Eve in the Estadio, and on and on.

I am convinced I am not a skilled enough communicator to share what these places and moments are like, or the other experiences that one can find in the 800 by 100 miles of the Baja Peninsula, a place I firmly believe is like nowhere else on Earth.

So instead I made a film and website where I tried to let those people who have been born and raised in Baja share why they love Baja California.

Mulegé was one chapter and I hope you enjoy it. See you in a few weeks.

Thanks to Josiah Roe for writing this post. Josiah is the publisher of the magazine The Journal of Lost Time.

4 Comments to “Baja Like Nowhere Else”

  1. Daniel Swanson says:

    We are planning to head south to Mulege about Jan 18th, staying out at Coco beach, wondering if you know if that beach if full of campers at this time and how are the restrictions of covid in Mulege? I’m sure as we get closer to our travel date we will be inquiring again about these same concerns. Thank you for your time.

    1. ssichler says:

      We went out to the beach today and drove by Los Cocos, still looking empty. Everything is open in Mulege.

      1. Daniel Swanson says:

        Thanks for the reply

      2. Daniel Swanson says:

        How are the stores stocked in Mulege, should we bring most of our food or is there plenty at the markets ?

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