Hey Mulege Happenings

Hey Mulege Happenings

Hola amigos. We hope, wherever you are, it has been a good year. Just a quick update on Hey Mulege.


In addition to our Facebook Page we have added a Hey Mulege Facebook Group. Different from the other two Mulegé Facebook Groups, our group focuses on community members sharing and discovering places to stay, things to do, events, and eats and drinks. The response has been great and so far 1,600 members have joined.


Check at our new YouTube channel for 4K videos of Mulegé. Some we have posted in the past on Facebook like the popular San Borjitas Cave Paintings tour but they were limited to HD 1080P resolution. Please like, comment, and subscribe! Gracias!


We added a Instagram profile and will share more photos of beautiful Mulegé. If you are on the ‘gram please give us a follow.

We have added mucho events and fundraisers to the Hey Mulege events calendar. Let us know if we are missing anything or if you have something you would like added.


We added a new section to the site for tours including cave paintings, horse rides and boat tours. All listings are free and you book with a local operator.


One notable addition to our list of charities in Mulege is MAR Mulegé Animal Rescue, who are doing great things for dogs in Mulege. Need Mexican auto insurance? If you do and purchase a policy through our affiliate link, we will donate all commissions to MAR. Buy online here.

Feliz Navidad and happy holidays to all who are celebrating! 🎄 We hope to see you in Mulegé in the New Year. 🎉

2 Comments to “Hey Mulege Happenings”

  1. berta says:

    I do not do Facebook but can you add the IMAGIN ART SHOW at Senior Geckos Wednesday, February 28th to the Mulege events calender

    1. ssichler says:

      Sure thing. I will send you an email to get more details.

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