Casino Fundraiser for Pepe

Benefit event for Pepe and Rosa .
• Tickets are $50. USD includes drinks, appetizers and $1000 in chips.
• All proceeds go toward $30,000 USD medical expenses for Pepe.
• Any additional contribution will be much appreciated!
• 4:00 Live auction of fabulous Baja experiences including dinners, boat rides, sushi appetizers and margaritas
For tickets and information contact Lynnea Molidor at
About Pepe

Pepe is the owner/operator of “Bertha’s Restaurant & Bar” on Playa El Burro.

Recently, Pepe suffered a major heart attack that has left him in desperate need of open-heart surgery. As Pepe explained it, the lower 40% of his heart is functioning, the upper 60% is not functioning. This is not a condition that can be treated with medications long term. This is a life-threatening condition. The sooner he can receive the surgery, the better his chances of living out a normal life.

The event is finished.


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4 Comments to “Casino Fundraiser for Pepe”

  1. Harvey Cannon says:

    Can’t make the event, but would like to contribute. How can I do that???

    1. ssichler says:

      Gracias, Harvey. Eileen Dunn #33, Posada Concepcion is accepting cash and will make sure it gets to Pepe. If you aren’t in the Mexico and want to send directly to his account via Xoom/Paypal or Western Union or another transfer I can email you the details.

      1. Jan Brewer says:

        Could you please send me info on contributing? I’m not in Mexico. Thank you!

        1. ssichler says:

          Thanks! I sent the info from my ssichler gmail.

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